Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, October 1, 2019: “How to Organize Your Digital Archive”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, September 30, 2019: “Exploitative Labor Practices at Louisiana State Penitentiary Exhibition”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, September 23, 2019: A Choice of Weapons: The Power of a Photographer’s Written Words”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, September 10, 2019: “Photoville Photography Festival, Sept 12-22, 2019”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, August 23, 2019: "Photographing When It's Forbidden"



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, August 22, 2019: "Lewis Hine: Photographing for Social Reform"




Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, August 13, 2019: “In Pursuit of Happiness: On Photographer Saul Leiter”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, August 6, 2019: “Engaging Viewers Using the Power of Suggestion”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, August 1, 2019: “How Photographers Stay Productive and Inspired”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, July 31, 2019: “The National Geographic, Photo Ark: An Exhibition, by Joel Sartore”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, July 25, 2019: “Interview with Photographer Amy Arbus”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, July 22, 2019: “Tips for Writing a Grant Application, Part 2”


DPP Grant Writing_7.11.19.jpg

Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, July 11, 2019: “Tips for Writing a Grant Application, Part 1”


DPP Summer Reading_7.08.19.jpg

Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, July 8, 2019: “Summer Reading: Photography Books to Bring to the Beach”


DPP Presenting_7.11.19.jpg

Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, July 1, 2019: “Presenting Yourself and Your Photography”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, June 27, 2019: “On Fear, Part 2: Looking at Subway, by Bruce Davidson”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, June 26, 2019: “On Fear, Part 1: Using Fear in a Positive Way”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, June 20, 2019: “On Sequence, Part 2: W. Eugene Smith’s “The Country Doctor”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, June 18, 2019: “On Sequence: Part 1: Developing the Fundamentals”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, June 14, 2019: “Rencontres d’Arles Photography Festival Celebrates 50 Years”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, June 13, 2019: “How to Find Your Best Images”



Digital Photo Pro magazine blog, June 10, 2019: “Becoming a Confident Street Photographer”



PDNedu magazine, Spring 2019: Tried and true advice on securing financial support for your personal work in “Funding Your Passion Project” and how the organization For Freedoms is harnessing the power of art to encourage public dialogue in “Collaboration for Art and a Civil Society.”



PDN magazine, April 2019: Elliot Ross, a New York City-based photographer is among PDN’s 30



PDNedu magazine, Fall 2018: Diversify Photo, a database of photographers of color that allows art buyers, creative directors, and photo editors to search for and hire photographers of color, in “Diversifying Media,” and “Making Ends Meet,” a profile of three affordable, quality BFA photography programs



Rocket Science Magazine, August, 2018: Ricardo Nagaoka talks with Amy about photographing with sensitivity, the importance of pauses in image sequences, and how photography enhances life



Emerging Photographer magazine, Spring 2018: Vol. 10, No. 1, featuring Mateusz Kowalik, Justin Bettman, Antonio Privitera, Arne Piepke, Joshua Aronson, Jonghun Lee, Morukc Umnaber, Argus Paul Estabrook, Fabian Muir, and Gabriel Isak



PDNedu magazine, Spring 2018: Stephen Shore on working with intentionality and staying inquisitive in "Embark on a Personal Quest" and Marble Hill Camera & Supper Club founder Patrice Helmar on the importance of community in "Fostering Camaraderie"



PDNedu magazine, Fall 2017: Matthew Jordan Smith unveils his signature lighting look in "Bold Beauty Lighting" and "Special Report: Laying the Foundation," a profile of three institutions that prepare photographers to hit the ground running


Envato Tuts+, June 8, 2017: "Color vs. Black-and-White Photography: How Palette Affects What We See and Feel," a list of observations about two distinct palettes



Envato Tuts+, June 8, 2017: "A Quick History of Color Photography (for Photographers)," a brief discussion of how a black-and-white medium transitioned into color



Emerging Photographer magazine, Spring 2017: Vol. 9, No. 1, featuring Kyle Dorosz, Florent Tanet, Romain Baro, Cedric von Niederhausern, Simon Sharp, Salwan Georges, Sarah Bouillaud, Yangkun Shi, Ali Lapetina, and Alex Wroblewski



PDNedu magazine, Spring 2017: "Grappling with Virtual Reality," creatives at The New York Times and VICE discuss the next frontier of storytelling and how to navigate it without a map, and "How to Move Abroad," a photographer's guide to working outside of the U.S. after graduation.



Envato Tuts+, November 30, 2016: "How to Write an Artist Statement and Why It's So Important," an article exploring the composition of and necessity for the photographer's artist statement



Emerging Photographer magazine, Winter 2016: Vol 8, No. 2, featuring Carmen Daneshmandi, Eliso Tsintsabadze, Anki Grøthe, Reuben Wu, Matt Harmon, Ping Wang, Roni and David Rose, Sarah Blesener, Shaughn and John, and Varvara Mikushkina



Envato Tuts+, August 25, 2016: "Everyday Astonishing: On Street Photography's Relationship to Chance," an article that delves deeper into the role of luck in street photography



Emerging Photographer magazine, Summer 2016: Vol. 8, No. 1, featuring Renaud Lafreniere, Michael Vince Kim, Hui Hsien Ng, Sooj Heo, Gaia Squarci, Jason Koxvold, Patrick Tombola, Daniel Rodriques, Filippo Venturi, and Driely S



Envato Tuts+, May 31, 2016: "Supporting Your Street Photography: How to Stay Focused and Productive," an article offering strategies on the types of jobs, scheduling procedures, processes, and philosophoes that bolster the pursuit of street photography



Envato Tuts+, May 5, 2016: "Your Body Doesn't Lie: How to Use the Mind-Body Connection in Street Photography," an article exploring the mind-body connection and how it affects a street photographer



Envato Tuts+, March 17, 2016: "Embracing the Role of Fear in Street Photography," an article discussing why and how fear can improve street photography



PDNedu magazine, Spring 2016: "Getting Ready for a Career in Commercial Photography," a survey of three programs that teach photographers how to thrive as a professional



Envato Tuts+, February 29, 2016: "Street Photography Indoors: Exploring Interior Settings," an article explaining how indoor locations provide street photographers with a new set of boundaries that help push their photography skills to a new level



Envato Tuts+, January 26, 2016: "Street Photography: How to See and Use Daylight Creatively," an article discussing how to use light as a guide



Emerging Photographer magazine, Winter 2015: Vol. 7, No. 2, featuring Benedict Evans, Djamila Grossman, Tal Barel, Nicolas Enriquez, Felix von der Osten, Luisa Dorr, Jorge Lopez Munoz, Siegfried Modola, Jun Michael Park and Dimitri Mello



Envato Tuts+, November 12, 2015: "Strangers on the Street: How to Make It Go Right—and What to Do When It Doesn't," an article discussing how to engage with strangers constructively



Envato Tuts+, October 29, 2015: "First Contact: How to Gain Strangers' Trust on the Street," an article offering ways for street photographers to cultivate trust with strangers during that short window of time in which impressions are made and doors to access can be opened or closed



Envato Tuts+, September 23, 2015: "How to Assess and Edit Your Photographs," an interview with educator and photographer Karen Marshall outlining strategies for editing one's own photographs



Envato Tuts+, August 26, 2015: "How to Photograph With Awareness and Sensitivity on the Street," an article suggesting ways to sensitize to the ever-changing surroundings of the street



Envato Tuts+, July 28, 2015: "Choosing a Camera for the Street," an article outliing key considerations when choosing equipment for street photography



Envato Tuts+, July 14, 2015: "8 Practical Ways to Get Yourself Ready to Make Compelling Photographs on the Street," an article offering strategies for optimum output and experience



Envato Tuts+, April 9, 2015: "Summoning Your Personal Vision in Street Photography," an article offering strategies that cultivate personal vision



Envato Tuts+, March 24, 2015: "What Is Street Photography?," debut article on street photography that ruminates on this special genre of photography



PDNedu magazine, Spring 2015:  "Advocating With Inspiration," an article about the empowering wisdom of Mary Virginia Swanson



Emerging Photographer magazine, Winter 2014: Vol. 6, No. 2, featuring Madiha Adbo, Isabella Bejarano, Heather Quercio, Adam Birkan, Zora Murff, Anastasiia Sapon, Yusuke Miyagawa, Nancy Borowick, Clare Benson, Teresa Castro and Paige Willis



Reading The Pictures Originals, December 21, 2014: "Ode to Light: Making Street Photography in a Cynical Age," a personal editorial about candid street photography 



PDNedu photography magazine, Fall 2014: "The Sky Is the Limit," an article about the invigorating educator, photographer, and filmmaker Sky Bergman, and "Waskaganish 2013: Listening to the Often Unheard Voices of the Cree People"



Reading The Pictures Originals, June 22, 2014: "When Photographing Is Forbidden: Making Portraits in the McCarren Park Pool Locker Room," a personal editorial about my experience making this series



PDNedu magazine, Spring 2014: "Jessamyn Lovell: Blurring the Lines to Help Students Find Their Way," an article about the wonderfully open photographer and educator Jessamyn Lovell, and "Up Next: Sports Photographer Madie Meyer Prepares to Take the Lead," an article about tenacious up-and-coming sports photographer Maddie Meyer


EP_Spring 2014.jpg

Emerging Photographer magazine, Spring 2014: "Responding Naturally, Staying True to Instinct: How PDN's 30 2011 Photographer Pari Dukovic's Strong Personal Vision Led to Becoming Staff Photographer at The New Yorker,"  and "Pulling Pictures From Thin Air: Elise Raffa Explores the Craft of Bringing Imagination to Life," as well as an article about Tribeca Film Institute's inspired young Film Fellows



Emerging Photographer magazine, October 2013: Editor of this issue of the magazine and "Legendary Filmmaker Albert Maysles Gets to the Heart of the Matter," an article about Albert Maysles of Maysles Films



PDNedu photography magazine, Spring 2012: Review of Aperture's compelling new release "Diane Arbus: A Chronology," and "Lene Münch: Opening Doors to Secret Worlds," as well as "Reed Estabrook" Photography Program Architect Par Excellence," an article SPE's Honored Educator Award recipient, Reed Estabrook